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This is How Your Story Pitch Will Be Noticed Next Time

Check out the newest webcast on How to Pitch a Story - Level II (Expert) bellow to see how I got commissioned to produce four stories in just two days by the same network.

It all starts with investing time and energy on your pitch. Yes, that WILL make you stand out.

I hear many of my freelance colleagues complaining about how 10 out of the 10 story pitches they sent out "that morning" got rejected by various news networks and media outlets. They think that, statistically, at least one of their story proposals would get commissioned. The reason for their failure is simple. The game is not in the numbers, but in the prep-work and quality of the pitches.

Note: More tips and advice can be found for Free in my Webcasts & Tutorials section.

If you have established a relationship with a story editor, the quality of your pitches should, in fact, increase in order to strengthen the trustworthiness. So go the extra mile (go the extra 10 miles) to impress the editor with an incredible pitch and you will, for sure, stand out.

1) Write a thorough treatment document (make it look good, also - see attachment bellow)

2) When possible, make a video pitch.

Bellow is the original pdf document I sent to the New York Post explaining the Bundle deal and showcasing some potential profile stories.

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